All The Journeys I Never Took

An immersive one-on-one poetry show


Everybody has a story and a unique way of sharing it and our 'All The Journeys I Never Took' spoken word and theatre workshops are a powerful avenue to creatively use our voices, to stand up and speak out.

In all workshops we offer the opportunity to explore spoken word in a fun, accessible and dynamic way, experimenting with performance and delivery, so to create collaborative, new and exciting theatre.

Participants will be shown examples of performance poetry style and led through the basic tools needed to write, devise and perform poetry to an audience of one, two or more people.

Workshops are completely tailored to the ability, age and needs of the group and we are experienced in working with secondary schools, adults and community groups, as well as those those with special needs and individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The benefits of these workshops are diverse and wide. They include increased confidence, greater self expression, improvement in literacy and vocabulary, igniting passion in literature and creative writing and a deeper understanding of the individual self through language.

These workshops are for established writers looking for alternative ways to present their work, theatre makers looking for ways to explore text, those who are new to writing and intrigued by innovative ways to present and merge art forms. Those who just want to try something new and see where the journey takes them.

To book a workshop please contact Lucy English on or Rebecca Tantony on