All The Journeys I Never Took

An immersive one-on-one poetry show


Writer And Performer

As an experienced page & performance poet, Rebecca is fascinated in how to present literature through a variety of mediums. Her live performance has often used music, dance & film as accompaniment to her poetry & flash non-fiction. Rebecca is interested in how the audience can become part of a written narrative & how writing comes alive through oral delivery. As a writer her work explores themes of identity, the nature of mind, politics, religion, loss, gain & forgiveness. Her performances have a passionate intensity to them, embodying both the vulnerability & invincibility of the human spirit. She is the author of Talk You Round Till Dusk (Burning Eye, 2015) and All The Journeys I Never Took (Burning Eye, 2017).


Raquel has been involved in devised theatre since co-founding Lost Dog in 2005. She became interested in immersive offsite performance when creating roles for Punchdrunk, & co-directing events for Punchdrunk Theatrical Experiences Ltd.  Raquel shares an interest in celebrating the ordinary in the everyday.


Synnøve’s work explores art as happening, provocation & event. She creates interactive spaces & installations, which have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York & throughout public spaces in France as part of Object Atelier’s Interactive Objects, for which they were awarded the Juliet Gomperts award.


Lucy produces multi-media poetry events & is co-creator of the poetry film festival, Liberated Words. A Bath Spa Reader in Creative Writing, she is both producer & manuscript mentor on the show.