All The Journeys I Never Took

An immersive one-on-one poetry show


In a secret location in the heart of the city, All The Journeys I Never Took is an immersive poetry show, for one or two audience members at a time. With the cityscape framed, the audience become a voyeur to the bustle around.

Here we take the time to be, to listen, to let our senses roam. A personal story emerges. A story that explores what it is like to leave behind the middle man – lover, father, priest – & discover our place in the world.

A space that echoes with unraveling journeys, break ups, first dates, family, confidences.

Here we ask the audience to take an active role. Here we mutter poems of love, of loss, of the human. The city provides our actors & backdrop.

Here the everyday is elevated. 

Told through interactive theatre, text & objects, this immersive journey explores the individual’s connection to the whole, & art as provocation & event.

The writing is in part a personal story of connection, & a response to current topical events, & aims to connect with audiences 18+.